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We are a digital marketing agency

Passionate, sociable and creative, we are web marketing scholars. Our Montreal-based web agency offers SEO optimization services and develops winning digital advertising strategies so that our clients can get a quick return on their investment. In addition, we specialize in website design, redesign and maintenance of web infrastructure, optimized for SEO and designed to provide you with a guaranteed return. We also have great expertise in turnkey online store design.


Acquisition of web leads


Our web marketing strategies will allow you to acquire leads. Our advertising plans combined with SEO optimization will allow you to meet more potential customers and thus increase your sales.

we are a web agency located in Montreal

Website creation


We will create a beautiful website that will become your war machine. We design websites that are focused on converting potential leads into customers and we use the latest technology to ensure that the infrastructure is fully optimized for SEO.

affordable web site design in montreal

SEO and content marketing


Keyword analysis, quality content creation, download speed optimization and external link acquisition. For natural referencing, we have more than one trick up our sleeve to help you optimize your site.

we are propagam, a digital agency
Web Marketing

Advertising and social network management


It is becoming more essential to manage your social networks: Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram. We can make you shine on social media. You will be able to increase your online presence or generate new web leads.

Be visible on Facebook, Instagram and tLinkedin
Develop your business

Turnkey solution


At Propagam, we offer each of our clients a turnkey service that will allow them to develop their business. We will manage your entire web marketing in addition to ensuring that your potential clients are converted into customers.

Propagam is a web agency specialized in website design and digital marketing.

Online store design


More popular than ever, online sales of products or services increases not only your digital visibility, but also your turnover.

We can provide you with sales training to convert your leads
Our field of expertise

About Propagam Marketing

We exist to provide clear business solutions in an increasingly complex digital landscape. We accomplish this mission by taking a different approach to other digital agencies. We are a web agency, located in Montreal, specializing in SEO, Google advertising, Facebook advertising, social networking and website design. In addition, we help our clients convert their potential leads on the web by offering sales training and optimizing the steps of the sales process.

Increase your sales

Nous avons fondé l'agence de marketing web Propagam à Montréal

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Your digital agency

Your Montreal Web Agency

Traditional web marketing agencies often focus too much on exclusively creating traffic to websites. To be beneficial to you, however, this traffic must be converted into actual sales. Our experience in sales and the quality of our analysis, and our ability to identify the competition in your field and give you better visibility will allow you to progress quickly and increase your sales in a sustainable way, as for many Quebec SMEs. In addition to increasing your visibility on Google and offering traditional web marketing services, we will implement a strategy adapted to your business in order to optimize the conversion of your customers. At Propagam, we want to eliminate the negative perception of sales. For us, selling is the combination of two key elements: a warm and personalized customer service and a quick understanding of the customer's situation and needs.

agence web seo propagam à Montréal


In order to achieve our clients’ corporate objectives, our agency, specialized in digital marketing, offers comprehensive and thoughtful strategies in the creation, redesign or maintenance of websites, website design and delivery of advertising campaigns, development of a brand image or management of social networks. Whether it is through our partnerships with various qualified experts or the advanced technologies we have acquired, we value every aspect of our clients’ business in order to increase their sales and offer them – always and above all – a return on investment (ROI).

What is a return on investment (ROI)?

Return on investment (ROI) is a financial indicator based on the amount of money an investor makes or loses based on the amount initially invested. Thus, ROI helps to determine the profitability or deficit of a product and allows larger SMEs, or even a local vendor, to adapt its merchandise (price, product, disclosure) to the current market.

To make your online store your best seller

There is nothing better to increase its fame, sales and digital visibility than to trust us with the design and maintenance of your online store. With our affordable and fixed price, your online store will prove to be an infallible marketing strategy that will ensure a faster ROI. Our agency has the best designers in Montreal that can offer our customers the best quality products, personalized to their image. As well as this, our sharp knowledge in SEO which will allow you to quickly gain popularity on the Internet, to distinguish yourself from the fierce competition and to make your company your pride and joy. Be in control of your online store; be in control of your sales! Let us have the pleasure of designing your website.

Propagam is the only web marketing agency that offers you a complete service for the development of your company. We don't stop at lead generation: we accompany you throughout the sales process.

Prospect Acquisition

We will make sure that your number of potential prospects increases. Your business will grow at full speed!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Search Engine Optimization (SEM)

We develop solid strategies that will allow your company to appear among the first results on search engines such as Google and Bing.

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Sales coaching

At Propagam, we have an approach focused on personalized sales coaching, allowing you to optimize your most valuable asset: your prospects.

Nous offrons le service d'hébergement web

Seo optimized website and content creation

We quickly and efficiently create websites that are optimized for SEO. We use the most effective technologies to generate leads.

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the testimony of valerie riendeau, a client of Propagam


When people in the Greater Montreal area put ''criminal law'' in Google, we come out in the first two places," rejoices Valérie Riendeau, head of the firm.

Me Valérie Riendeau

We help entrepreneurs and professionals to dominate their market.

Our clients use our expertise in web marketing to be in a dominant position on search engines. Our sales consulting services allow us to optimize the conversion of many leads generated by our web marketing strategies. We can also create a website quickly.

we helped this team

We help companies to stand out.

« We have chosen to work with Propagam and we are delighted. In addition to managing our web marketing and helping us generate leads, they trained us to respect the sales process. Our lawyers are now much more efficient in converting our prospects. Our turnover has exploded and we have a dominant position in our very competitive market. »

Valérie Riendeau

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The two brothers are the founders of the Propagam agency.