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Lead acquisition on the web, lead generation, lead detection... There are several ways to talk about the same thing, which is, awakening consumers' interest in your services or products at the moment they express the need for them. More precisely, how does it work? Continue reading below to find out:


What is lead acquisition on the web?

For those of you less familiar with the terminology of web marketing, lead acquisition (or the acquisition of leads) refers to a set of marketing processes and tactics designed to place your services or products in front of companies or consumers with products or services.
In other words, it’s about capturing, through different methods, the information from these prospects and introducing it into your sales funnel – the process they will go through when they are converted from leads to actual customers.


While lead generation has traditionally been about advertising, it’s not just about paid channels and tactics. Any channels that generate interest in your website or business can be classified as generators of leads, online or offline.


These days, the most commonly used channels in the majority of industries are local SEO, content marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and email marketing. It goes without saying that one of the most important elements of modern lead generation is having a strategic, fully optimized and interest-driven website for your services.


Why do I need to generate sales leads?

Traditionally, marketing has been about reaching customers with the presentation of a product; The expansion of the Internet has changed that, however. To be successful in the digital age, companies have had to adapt to a change in buyer behavior.
Rather than forcing the sale of a product under people’s noses and interrupting them in their daily lives, we use web marketing tools to effectively direct sales leads to you. This results in much more interesting leads that have a greater chance of being converted into paying customers.


Thanks to this methodology focused on the customer and their needs, the sales leads we generate for Quebec SMBs are more open to and trusting of a sales team, which translates into a better experience for everyone.
Imagine if you could take control of your market and convert leads before your competitors even get close. It is possible by working with us!


Propagam accelerates the growth of natural and paid traffic to your digital assets and thus transforms this traffic – thanks to your sales force – into a paying and recurring clientele.

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