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Our turnkey service

At Propagam, we offer each of our clients an all-in-one business development solution. Our lead generation and conversion solution, and customer retention, can be broken down into 3 axes.



First of all, we set out to develop a complete digital strategy for you, since it has quite simply become a necessary competitive advantage for any company wishing to develop a successful business.

Whether you already have your own website or not, we will design an optimized site for the natural referencing and local referencing on Google. Passing through a technical audit, keyword research, creation of an SEO-optimized architecture and content, this work aims to align the needs of your customers with your offered services. This also allows geographic targeting of your customers according to your strategy and your objectives.

Besides this SEO optimization, we will design your digital advertising campaigns, so that your new site will be able to naturally attract qualified traffic, and on top of that will receive traffic generated by these advertising campaigns.

In order to constantly optimize the conversion of the flow of leads generated, monthly performance reports will be produced and analyzed by our team.

Thanks to this new efficient, user-friendly website with a professional and refined design, you will have at your disposal a great tool for acquiring leads.

After setting this up, we then suggest that you optimize the conversion of these leads into sales.



For this line of work, two scenarios arise:

You already have internal resources responsible for converting your prospects. In this case, we offer you our expertise to train your teams, through training at your offices or via webinar, according to your preferences, in order to reach their full potential.

Otherwise, in the case that you do not have these resources, we offer you the possibility of outsourcing this conversion work to our specialized teams.
In either case, we will make sure that the qualified traffic generated in the first step of the process is handled appropriately to maximize the rate of converting your leads.

You will then want to keep these new customers.

Propagam vous aide à obtenir plus de prospects web. Nous générons des leads


On your new site, we will install a GRC / CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, which offers many features adapted to your business reality to facilitate both the organization, and monitoring and development of your sales funnel…

This software will give you a global view of your sales funnel thanks to a clear and efficient dashboard. It records the present activity and each of the interactions of your prospects and your customers, whatever the channel used (email, social networks, telephone).

In addition, you can quickly access the complete profile of each of your accounts, which allows any team member to do personalized follow-ups with each client. By facilitating its customer relationship management work, this system will increase the productivity and serenity of your sales force. In this way, you will improve the satisfaction rate and the loyalty of your customers, and you will participate in the optimization of your customer acquisition cycle.

We take care of the entire business development aspect of your business so that you can focus on the core of your business: creating real value for you and your customers.

Our complete 3-axis solution will allow you to optimally deploy and exploit your full business potential, even having the luxury of being able to choose your customers. This solution, which has already proven itself brilliantly, is applicable to all types of industry.


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