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About Propagam

About us

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We are Propagam

We want to help SMBs increase their sales!

Our mission: tangibly increase the volume of your sales using both web marketing strategies and industry-specific coaching methods to support your sales.
Les deux frères sont les co-fondateurs de l'agence Web Propagam à Montréal.

We are


Olivier Gamache

SEO and Digital Transformation Expert

Co-founder of Propagam, Olivier advises businesses on digital development and supervises the SEO optimization of their projects.

François Gamache

Digital Advertising Expert

Co-founder of Propagam, François coordinates Google Ads campaigns to ensure the success of all his clients' businesses.

Jeremy Therrien Walsh

Director of Operations

A computer whiz, Jeremy ensures optimal management of operations while specializing in web design.

Mélissa Régimbald

Director of Digital Content

As a language specialist, Mélissa works on the creation, editing, and translation of digital content as well as on its SEO optimization.

Éric Gauthier

Marketing and E-Commerce Expert

With many years of experience in retail business, Éric has a great ability to find fail-safe solutions to increase his clients' sales.

Stephanie Laplante

Marketing and Business Development Specialist

With her business acumen and marketing expertise, Stéphanie knows how to make her clients benefit from great business opportunities.

Bruno Soufo

Full-Stack Engineer

Since Bruno moved out of Cameroun to live in Quebec, he has supported every large-scale project of our agency. He likes challenges, even the more complex ones.

Rohit Kumar

Web Developer

A coding and programming pro, Rohit is in charge of the development and maintenance of WordPress and Shopify websites. He never leaves his office until he is sure that all his clients are satisfied of his work.

Julien Brisson


Julien is a detail-oriented photographer who specializes in product and event photography. Providing top quality content is his number one goal.

We help our clients dominate their market.

Great efficient and fast service. Our online magazine is really perfect. Thanks to the team of Jeremy and Olivier.

Pets Online

I own a private nutrition clinic. I called on Propagam to take my business to another level. The whole team is really human and attentive to our needs. They are also very efficient and quick in their work. I am very happy to work in partnership with them!

LauGau Nutrition

We chose to work with Propagam and we are delighted. In addition, to manage our web marketing well and help us generate leads, they trained us to respect the sales process. Our lawyers are now much more efficient in converting our potential clients. Our turnover has exploded and we occupy a dominant position in our market, which is nevertheless very competitive.

Riendeau Avocats

Experts in the field

Join the Propagam team

Constantly expanding, Propagam is looking for talented people to join its team and fill different positions. If you share our passion for marketing and believe you are one of those with the skills to make our customers shine, send us your resume today at