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Google Ads advertising: do you need an agency?

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Google Ads advertising: Do you need an agency?


Ads on Google (Google Ads)

Unlock the full potential of your business with an optimal advertising campaign with Google Ads. We will create a solid advertising campaign for you, which will generate leads on the web and thereby create sales opportunities for your business.

The least that can be said is that the use of advertising on Google is very important to your business. It can be very effective if you understand how it works and use it properly. On the other hand, if you have don’t have much knowledge about it or are simply unable to use it effectively, the result could be poor.

Basically, we’re going to showcase your company with better digital advertising. We provide you with:


A data feed of your products on Google Shopping and Google Ads,


Advertisements for a targeted audience in key demographic groups,


Several packages available with details so you can compare the plans


The capability to use your advertising budget wisely.

Propagam , gestion de la publicité SEM ou Google Ads

At Propagam, we get a lot of calls thanks to our optimized Google Ads campaigns. Yet we are in one of the most competitive industries. Our competitors all claim to be specialists.

We are Google Ads advertising experts

We are specialists in Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Advertising and many more. Our advertising campaign experts and managers already successfully completed have more than 100 advertising projects,  for companies such as Quebecor and Air Canada, among many others.

A growing success for our Google Ads consultants

By bringing more comprehensive digital advertising solutions, our partnership is focused on an unique approach to return on investment (ROI).

Our team has advanced knowledge about the Googles Ads network and promote the best IT technologies to enable all of our customers to increase their sales with Google Ads

Reinforce your digital visibility thanks to Google Ads advertising campaigns

Captivate the target audience.

How can you attract the right audience with Google Ads? First of all, know that Google Ads guarantees you – instantly – digital visibility and potential customers.

Digital visibility

The Google search network detects keywords related to your products or services introduced in the search field by prospects and directs them to your online store, which immediately makes you visible on Google, on Google Maps and on all networks in partnership with Google.

Behavioral targeting

Google Ads more precisely controls the delivery of your ads to a predefined audience through analysis of demographic data, installation of a specific geographic area for ad serving and to a remarketing strategy. You then benefit from a quality audience, conducive to increasing your sales.

Drive more traffic to your pages, blog posts, videos, etc.

Optimizing for quality traffic is a key process in digital advertising. Propagam integrate strategic means into the profitability (ROI) of your advertising campaigns, among others, using:

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising;

the solicitation of a product viewed with Google Shopping;

and the use of the Display Network for the creation of banner ads, the accessibility of your products in different formats, and the creation of quality content. Display advertising which, let it be said in passing, attracts over 90% of internet users due to its worldwide correspondence with millions of sites, blogs, news pages, etc.

Optimizing for quality traffic is a key process in digital advertising. Propagam integrate strategic means into the profitability (ROI) of your advertising campaigns, among others, using:

Gain notoriety; increase your customer base and sales.

Using Google Ads is a smart way to organize, simplify, and benefit your business and sales. Sometimes your budget is adapted to your needs; sometimes Google Ads allows you to adjust or stop its use at any time without additional costs or delays.

Whether it’s to redo a website, get digital marketing services or generate web advertising, Google Ads:

offers you follow-ups on the effect of your advertising on internet users and optimization services for your campaigns;

offers you professional and constructive advice as well as reports and statistics of your data;

and helps you get better results and reach your sales goals.

You will gain in professionalism and popularity, retain quality customers and undoubtedly increase your sales.

Propagam vous offre la gestion de campagne Google Ads

We can make the most of your marketing budget!

Indeed, if you are not experienced enough, you may spend a lot of money on your online advertising without seeing the expected results. That’s why it’s important to work with experts like us. We will be able to carry out a successful advertising campaign for you on the web. We can design and run an optimal Google Ads campaign for your business.

Trust us to manage your digital marketing through ads on Google Ads and see the results!

Your great experience and passion for business allow us to build optimal web marketing campaigns.


Remarketing and retargeting

Remarketing is a strategy that helps re-establish advertising communication with people who have visited your website but did not take the action you intended. On subsequent browsing to other sites, they will be prompted to purchase your goods and services, visit your platform again, or communicate with you through an advertisement.

How does it work? Surely you have heard of cookies! These are data elements that collect information about the sites visited by a user as well as the actions performed on those sites. Similar to your browsing history, these cookies are used to track all user actions.

In fact, you can choose the type of advertising that will appear based on the behavior that your potential customer has adopted when visiting your website.

By implementing a retargeting campaign, you can decide to target only users who have visited a specific page. In addition, we can choose the optimal advertising strategy to employ based on the behavior that the consumer has adopted during their visit to your site.

For example, a potential customer who has started filling out a form, but has not finished submitting their contact details will find the form as they left it as soon as they return to that page. The same principle applies to a user who adds products to their  basket and leaves the website without completing the purchase.

Remarketing campaigns involve developing creative ideas. The strategy employed should encourage visitors to return to your website or to adopt a behavior that you are looking for. For example, you can display a special offer on your site or on a product the user wants to purchase.


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