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At Propagam, we are organic SEO experts. Our SEO agency in Montreal offers its services across Quebec. We know how to optimize your website to appeal to Google. Our goal is for your website to appear in the first requests made by your target customers. You will become popular and you might like it!

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  • $ 100
  • $ 1,000 in investment can earn you up to $ 5,000 in profit.
    • Full audit
    • Market analysis (competition and strategies)
    • Knowledge and use of keywords
Propagam est une agence web spécialisé dans le SEO à Montréal

Natural referencing (SEO): a profitable strategy!

Did you know that when a user searches on Google, the sites they visit are usually those on the first page? Basically, sites with good search engine positioning have a better chance of driving traffic.

Adopting good SEO strategies is a good solution to be visible on the internet. With this type of SEO, you will have a good positioning and, at the same time, you will attract traffic to your site.

In addition, obtaining a premium positioning will allow you to enjoy high visibility without having to pay for advertising. Of course, you can achieve double visibility by running a strategic advertising campaign and efficient.

Propagam is one of the best SEO agencies in Montreal. We are experts who will help you achieve bold sales goals. Our team of SEO specialists will help you optimize your site’s SEO through keyword analysis, content creation, download speed optimization and external link acquisition.


Optimized website + competitive analysis + keyword usage + quality content = increased sales

Did you know that “over 90% of Internet users limit themselves to the first page of results on Google” and that “if you are not on the first page, you lose significant income! “? This is why natural referencing (SEO) – which consists of optimally and strategically positioning your business on search engines such as Google and Bing using effective keywords – is the recipe that will set you apart from the competition.

At Propagam, the web lead generation specialists are here to help you succeed!

  • $ 100
  • Price according to your budget
    • Optimization of your website
    • Creating a site optimized for SEO
    • Optimized download speed
    • Local SEO optimization
    • Optimization of the internal mesh
    • Systematization of elements to facilitate the search for your site in search engines
    • Valuation of the website architecture
    • Determination of the best URL based on the competition and keywords
  • $ 100
  • Price according to your budget
    • Consolidation of our business relationships to popularize your site
    • Consolidation of our network of collaborators to acquire backlinks to your site and, thus, improve your positioning
    • Most profitable market analysis for your organization (SEO, keywords)
  • $ 100
  • Price according to your budget
    Dominate your market!
    • Creation of high quality content by our editors based on competitive analysis and previously established keywords
    • Creation of SEO optimized content
    • Creation of strategic blogs
    • Regularly adding new pages to your website
    • Create videos as needed
    • SEO positioning of these videos

The SEO actions have paid off!

Without additional disbursement, Riendeau Avocats found itself at the top of Google using important keywords and quickly became a reference in the domain thanks to its quality content, which directly targeted the responses of Internet users. In two years, while his expenses have remained fixed, his turnover has doubled.


Design of an SEO optimized website

SEO content creation

Acquiring backlinks to your website

Creation of top-of-page ads

And voila!


What is SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a term, too often misunderstood, that can seem intimidating. It is, in fact, a simple and complex concept at the same time. We’ll help you figure it all out in a simple way. You can also refer to our article on our blog to better understand the technical foundations of SEO.


Simple popularization

Google has developed an algorithm that evaluates the various referenced sites. This algorithm can be updated at any time. How Google assesses your site will have a big influence on the ranking of your web pages in specific searches.

It’s like if Google sends bots to visit your site in order to evaluate it according to a set of pre-defined criteria. By comparing them to other online platforms, Google will give your site a rating. This assessment will influence its positioning when a user performs a search with specific keywords.

Google wants you to focus on creating quality content that will appeal to internet users. In addition, its algorithm places great importance on backlinks. The term “backlinks” refers to links that are found on different websites that redirect Internet users to your site. If these links end up on a popular platform, there will undoubtedly be a positive impact on your SEO. Our SEO agency in Montreal can help you stand out.


Complex aspects of natural referencing

To prove yourself, you must first win over one of the most advanced algorithms in the world, which is Google. At any time, Google can update its algorithm, which will influence your positioning. In other words, nothing is ever taken for granted.

Unlike paid SEO strategies (Adwords), the results are not instantaneous. You have to work hard for a long time. This is an excessively profitable investment in the medium to long term. This is a profitable strategy in a world where 90% of purchases are made from a Google search.

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Content creation: the key element in a web referencing strategy

Like natural referencing (SEO), digital content is an essential element in digital marketing. It is not only the aspect that populates the majority of your web pages, but also the first place Internet users find information about the products or services they are looking for. This is why Propagam works with professional writers and experts in content creation to ensure all its clients content of the highest quality as much for its richness, its relevance and its readability as for the intentions and language standards.

What constitutes quality content?

A large number of companies underestimate the writing of digital content, which requires a great knowledge of both the French language and the field of activity in which the companies operate .

In marketing, quality writing translates into:

The editorial tone;

Who is your website for? What style do you want to give it? Are your texts suitable for your target audience? Are they popularized? Specialized?

The relevance of the information;

What do we remember from the information disclosed on your pages? Are your sources of information reliable? Is your content interesting to read?

The evolution of your content;

Is your content dated? To refresh your pages, regularly add blog posts, new statistics, data, etc. ? Are you doing any updates?

The quality of the language;

Have you ever failed to understand a text because of its many errors and ambiguities? Did you know that a professional copywriter is of great benefit to your branding?

The length of the texts;

How would you organize the content according to its length? What impact will a long text have on a short text (and vice versa)?

By ensuring you have quality content, our writers – scholars of words and grammar rules – optimize both your sales and your SEO for the simple reason that Internet users will pass more time on your pages, if they are designed properly.

Why is content beneficial for your organic SEO

When content is said to be of quality, Internet users naturally have the habit of browsing a website for a longer period either to purchase a product or to search for relevant information. This is when Google’s algorithm positions your website based on how long people have been browsing your pages. The longer the navigation, the more your site is upgraded.

In addition, throughout the writing, our SEO experts adapt the length of the texts (around 700 words depending on the need) and insert keywords specific to your field. This digital marketing strategy generates an optimization of your natural referencing, and this, through digital content.

What is local SEO?

Just like SEO, local SEO is defined by a strategy for positioning your website on search engines, but is distinguished by precise targeting of local businesses. That is, when an Internet user makes a query in the region relating to these businesses, only the businesses surrounding the query will appear in the search results.

With the evolution of different software and marketing, this type of SEO has become an exponential and essential tool that allows all businesses – and more especially local businesses – to gain enormous visibility on the Web, to develop their content strategy. , generate more traffic on their pages and attract large customers to their business.

On Google, local SEO identifies itself using “3 park”, also recognized as the top three search results appearing after a query in boxes below the Google Maps map. Thus, the Google algorithm can locate your business on Google Maps and also inform cybernauts near your business and carrying out a search relating to it: the name of your business, its geographical location, its number reviews and ratings, quotes, etc.

Moreover, if your business is among the top three search results, it is because not only is your positioning strategy infallible, but your web visibility becomes more than relevant in the face of the competition! Our SEO agency in Montreal can help you be more visible.

Good local SEO pays off!

– Enjoy better web visibility.
– Precisely target the immediate needs of consumers.
– Set your business apart from the competition.
– Be close to prospects making requests.
– Appear on Google Maps.
– Generate more traffic to your web pages.
– Get more customers to visit your physical store

How does local SEO work?

To take advantage of local SEO, you need to use Google My Business, completely free of charge, which is aimed at business owners and designed to give them greater digital control over their business information. By claiming a listing on Google My Business, any business owner can add photos that will appear directly on Google Images, for example, the storefront, business activities, products and more.

Local SEO is an important aspect of SEO. This is why it is essential to pay careful attention to the constant updating and consistency of information such as address, telephone number, opening and closing hours, etc. as well as the scope of reviews from previous customers. Positive reviews will improve your image, while negative reviews will tarnish your reputation online. As the owner, your duty is to respond to unhappy customers to show your listening and understanding to their comments and, thus, to try to repair the broken pieces.

Our SEO experts will guide you in optimizing your local SEO.


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