Top 8 key benefits of SEO to optimize your website


Top 8 key benefits of SEO to optimize your website

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential element of a successful marketing strategy that has many benefits for businesses, such as leading to exponential sales growth in the long run. Businesses that invest in SEO build credibility and develop greater trust with their customers. Here are 8 of the many benefits of optimizing your website with SEO from an agency like ours.

1. Strengthen your credibility

Websites that rank in the first Google results are generally considered by search engines as quality and trustworthy sites, which gives businesses a great deal of credibility. Therefore, by developing a marketing strategy based on SEO to optimize your website, it will have a high chance of ranking in the first three Google results and thus enhance the credibility of your business.

2. Get ahead of your competitors

Chances are, most of your competitors are investing in optimizing their websites for SEO, which can greatly hurt your business if you don’t. As a result, 90% of digital website traffic is said to come from searches made from Google. By hiring a specialized SEO agency like ours to optimize your website, you are choosing to adopt a strategy that will attract that 90% of traffic to your pages, thus multiplying your customers and sales!

3. Reach more potential customers

While many marketing campaigns tend to focus on a defined target audience, SEO is about optimizing your website by attracting anyone who has a purchase intent at any moment in the purchase funnel. If the keywords are chosen strategically and professionally, you will attract more prospects who are more likely to be interested in buying your products or services, or even starting a business relationship with you.

4. The power of good quality content

In digital marketing, content creation and SEO work together. When we create content at our agency, which means creating or edditing text, images, and videos, we make sure to optimize them for SEO in order to properly rank each page of the site in the top results on Google. Furthermore, since search engines categorize different sites according to the keywords used, we always make sure that the content not only has top quality information for customers, but also keywords relevant to its Google ranking. This is also why it is important to optimize your website by regularly refreshing the content and adding new one.

5. Maximize the impact of your Google Ads campaigns

Did you know that marketing strategies focused on SEO and Google Ads campaigns are a perfect match? As a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategy, Google Ads campaigns (costly) help your site appear at the top of search results while SEO does the same thing, but organically. This means your website can appear not just once, but twice in search engine results, giving you double digital visibility and building credibility for your brand.

6. We want prospects to find you locally

Local searches such as “coffee shop near me” are becoming more and more common and, theoretically, have a conversion rate of nearly 80%. Working in parallel with SEO, local search engine optimization (SEM) strategies help optimize your website by attracting prospects that are ready to buy here and now. The job of marketing agencies is to make sure that your business has right local strategy (SEM) and right tools to attract those prospects, such as a Google My Business description. On your end, your job is to polately ask your current customers to leave good reviews on Google to reassure potential customers that your business is worth the visit. And once a customer gets interested in your products or services and entered your store, it’s your turn to play!

7. An easy and friendly user experience

Optimizing your website with an SEO strategy is all about making it visible on search engines like Google. Browing your website, on the other hand, is all about making it userfriendly for customers. If your website has been structually well designed, provides interesting content and backlinks, and has a good loading speed, it will be easier for your customers to navigate through it. With an easy user-friendly website, users will spend more time on it, which reatly enhances your website’s Google ranking and increases its digital traffic.

8. Enjoy a full SEO service !

Fortunately for you, our agency offers a turnkey service for the creation and management of digital platforms, which includes optimizing your website through an SEO strategy. We establish a customazable approach for each of our clients that will allow you to benefit from a complete SEO-optimized website for SEO. It will also guaranteeing you a long-term return on investment. With Propagam’s marketing strategy, you will see your number of customers increase and your sales double!