Why is blogging essential to your business marketing?


Why is blogging essential to your business marketing?

For the past seven years, marketing strategies centered on creating a blog has always been consistent in terms of digital business development. That’s why, as a business owner, you should always be on top of marketing trends to get and stay ahead of competitors.

But why does a business needs a blog? For the simple reason that promoting your services and products is never an easy task, especially when the competition is strong. This is indeed the perfect opportunity for you to take advantage of all the benefits of a professional blog.

1. Win customer’s loyalty with useful and relevant content

A blog will help you promote what you sell while keeping your readers engaged and interested in the information you provide. If you provide quality content to your customers, you will become for them the reference when they have a question about a particular topic. The more useful and relevant your content is to their searches, the more time they will spend on your page, which is greatly beneficial to your SEO.

Of course, the quality of the content published on your blog should never be overlooked, otherwise Google might consider your articles as spam.

2. Attract new prospects

Through SEO strategies such as applying keywords, SEO titles and meta descriptions on each of your posts, your blog will become a powerful tool to increase your brand’s visibility and, thus, attract new potential customers to your website pages.

When you succeed in attracting a customer to one of your pages, regardless of the nature of the page (blog, services, products, etc.), you greatly increase your chances of selling.

3. Increase digital traffic to your website

Blogging and publishing useful and relevant content is one of the most essential facets of your marketing strategy to increase digital traffic to your website.

Every new blog published adds a new page to your website. This gives Google and other search engines another good reason to browse your site again and index your content. If your blog pages are well indexed, browsers will find your posts more easily; if your content is interesting and useful, they’ll spend more time reading it, which will naturally create a steady stream of digital traffic!

4. Build your reputation

Nothing can beat a solid reputation! In order words, creating a blog is an essential investment in the process of developing a good reputation, as it is a simple, quick and free way (if you already have a website) to share useful and relevant content, which inevitably strengthens your company’s reputation.

5. Promote the idea of a community focused on your business

A blog is a place to share not only your articles, but also your business ideologies and thoughts about a specific topic – thereby promoting your products and services. Encouraging discussion and knowledge sharing about your articles will allow you to build a virtual community that your prospects can relate to.

6. Feed your social networks

A blog is a great way to share content on social media. By sharing your blog posts on Facebook, for example, you’ll attract a wider audience who will be more likely to visit your website, discuss your posts, and thus become real customers.

Although creating a professional blog is essential to any business, it requires a lot of time. As a business owner, you know as well as we do that time is precious, especially since not all businesses feel comfortable doing this task. The Propagam team offers you its turnkey services for this purpose. For more information, please contact us.